Polymer Clay Cutter Mystery Box - March Edition

Polymer Clay Cutter Mystery Box - March Edition

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Our 2nd Mystery Box is here!

Now, I know what you're thinking, "what is this mystery box you're talking of??" So let me get right into it!

You score! The contents of the Mystery Box will be 15% more valuable than when bought separately in the future!

Orders are limited, so take careful note of the availability period:

Availability: 23 February 2021 - 2 March 2021 (midnight).

In this month's Mystery Box, we are focussing on Combo Cutters.

These combo's are new, unique and very exciting!

Combo Cutters not only gives you the option of making the set piece in question, it also gives you a unique range of new cutters to work with and create other new combinations.

What is in the box?

In the Mystery Box, you'll find a new range of:

  1. 6x Polymer Clay Cutter Combo's (Valued at about R85-R105 each)
  2. 1x Once-Off Cutter Combo (Never to be repeated or sold again)
  3. 1x Bonus Item (Nope, not telling)

How does it work?

  1. The mystery box can only be purchased during the specified time frame.
  2. The exact contents of the box is a mystery, but will be well worth it!
  3. All the Polymer Clay Cutters, Stamps, Combo's and any possible accessories, will be new and not have been released previously on my store.
  4. After this ordering period, the contents of the mystery box will only be available to order online again at the end of the month, before the next Mystery Box is announced. (This means, you get to have "early-access" to these new products.)
  5. If you are able to secure a mystery box within the specified time-frame, it gives you a few weeks to make new earrings and be some of the first makers to use these new designs and offer your clients uniquely crafted earrings.


All Mystery Boxes will slowly be processed, as orders are placed but they will only be finalized after the closing date for new orders. The purpose is not only to prevent anyone receiving the mystery box before the final date for orders closes, but also to provide enough time to know the total number of boxes for which special once-off items and contents needs to be made.


Due to the nature and value of the Mystery Box, normal discount codes do not apply, unless otherwise stated.