About Us

Printd Creations was originally called ravingDIODE 3D Printing and then Plant. Planter. Planted., before settling on the name Printd Creations. 3D Printing started out as a hobby, but I soon realised there are some niche markets that have many needs, which can readily be solved with 3D printing. We mainly focussed on planters and during Lockdown there was a clear need for other products as well. That is when we changed our name to Printd Creations, as the name better represents what we do. We make 3D printed creations, be it planters, accessories, jewelry, polymer clay accessories or PPE - the list can go on.
I find great satisfaction from designing new products and seeing them come to life on a 3D printer. My desire is to see people smile and get excited when they see their first 3D printed product.
Our goal is to be the largest 3D Printed Polymer Clay Cutters, Stamps and Accessories supplier in South Africa. We aim to provide a wide range of products including unique items made and designed by myself and my team.
Please feel free to get in touch with our team if you are after something specific or bespoke, we can create anything!